Testimonials - What our Clients have to say

We thank our clients for these great testimonials and are always happy to receive more feedback about our accomplishments. Please visit this page again soon for updates!

His reading age went up by 2 years in just 6 months! This is an excellent and accessible service.

Helen, Point Cook

My child is happier and a good deal more confident in the classroom now.

Tara, Seddon

The dyslexia program is a "live-saver" - I've told everyone about it! Every child should be able to read.

Myra, Newport

So good! Simply great results! We started off with speech therapy, then language and literacy intervention - all vital in my little girl's case but now she's happy and well adjusted at school and that's all we wanted.

Tom, Williamstown

It's been great to see the weekly improvements in my child's speech and development - no more stuttering. I've learned a lot too and it's been fun!

Jane, Williamstown