What we do: Our Services and Programs

Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy is offered at our clinic for students from pre-school to year 12. Each new client is seen for an initial speech and/or language and/or literacy skills assessment. Depending on the outcome, a bi - weekly, weekly or fortnightly session is recommended. In some cases client progress is reviewed every 3 - 6 months.

Examples of speech problems which require treatment include:

  • stuttering
  • mispronunciation of speech sounds, e.g., ‘wabbit’ for ‘rabbit’
  • voice use which is too loud or soft, which can lead to vocal abuse and voice problems

Language Therapy

Examples of a language problem requiring treatment could be;

  • limited vocabulary
  • poor grammar
  • delayed understanding and/or use of language
  • short term auditory memory problems impacting on learning in the classroom

Online Speech Therapy

Online Speech Therapy is now what we do everyday!
We are helping our clients to be seen in the comfort and safety of their own homes especially over the COVID-19 Coronavirus period.

Literacy Tuition

We are experts in literacy tuition and guarantee results. Our unique ‘Literacy Made Easy’ program is multi sensory, fun and appropriate for students at all levels. Typically, students who present to the clinic have a significant delay in both reading and spelling and their skills are well below the expected limits for their age. They often lack confidence are performing poorly in the classroom. Some of these students have been diagnosed with ‘Dyslexia,’ however some may just present with ‘dyslexic’ symptoms such as difficulty with reading and spelling accuracy, letter reversals, scrambling words.


Our clinic has adopted the modern definition of dyslexia whereby an individual is of average intelligence or above (as established by an I.Q. Test), but has significant, persistent difficulties in the areas of reading and/or writing.

Learning Difficulties

Examples of a learning difficulty requiring treatment could be;

  • Dyslexia, (defined as average intelligence or above with a specific difficulty in literacy)
  • Difficulty planning and organising written information, e.g., essays, stories, written responses
  • Difficulty with general study and exam preparation

Study Skills and Exam Preparation

Students often benefit from assistance with exam preparation. The clinic offers students practise for compulsory Naplan testing or general exam preparation. The introduction of study skills and techniques is critical for success at all levels of education and particularly year 12. Students are encouraged to ‘overlearn’ various techniques designed to improve their study and exam results.

NDIS Clients Welcome!

NDIS clients are welcome at our clinic. Online services are available today.

Kindergarten and School Visits

Kindergarten and school visits can be organised by ‘phoning the clinic. Special discounts apply where there are 2 or more students seen at a kindergarten or school. Students can be seen individually or in groups depending on the needs of the particular setting. The clinic provides services to primary and secondary schools in the local and wider community.

Professional Training

Professional training can be provided on request pertaining to any area of speech, language or literacy. Individual, group or ‘whole school’ training can be organised as necessary at any time of the year. Training for groups under 20 can be conducted in the clinic. Discounts apply for larger groups. Parent training and programs can also be provided where parents are not able to attend appointments regularly.