Melbourne Literacy and Learning Clinic


Melbourne Literacy & Learning Clinic, Williamstown Speech Therapy and Surrey Hills Speech Therapy provide speech therapy, language therapy, literacy tuition, exam preparation and study skill training to children and adolescents. Our Williamstown clinic is close to the city and the western suburbs. Neighbouring suburbs are Newport, Yarraville, Spotswood, Point Cook, Altona, Altona Meadows, and Seddon.

We all want our children to be happy and to have the best opportunities for the future. Good communication skills - both spoken and written - are the key to good results at school, a successful career and rewarding relationships.

Research has suggested that up to 20% of school students struggle with speech, language or literacy difficulties. Most of these problems can be treated successfully to enable children and adolescents to ‘get back on track’ and achieve better.

Speech, language and literacy difficulties are not necessarily a reflection of low intelligence or lack of talent. It is likely that a child with a difficulty in one area will have complimentary strengths in other areas. Children with learning difficulties may feel self conscious and anxious because other children are outperforming them academically. But it is important to realise that therapy lessons and targeted practise can help learning significantly.

Making Learning Fun!

To engage our clients in learning we use a large variety of games and activities. We also use modern media and devices like cameras, recorders and the IPad, which is a huge hit!

With our expertise and experience improving and 'getting smarter' is inspiring and enjoyable!

Speech Therapy & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy Service

Speech and language therapy is offered at our clinics for pre school and school aged children.

Literacy tuition

Literacy Tuition

We are experts in literacy tuition and guarantee results. Our unique "Literacy Made Easy" program is multi sensory, fun and appropriate for students at all levels.