Speech Therapy online Speech Therapy from home

Online Speech Therapy is now what we do - Everyday!
We are helping our clients to be seen in the comfort and safety of their own homes over the COVID-19 Coronavirus period.

Just give us a call to easily set up a speech, language or literacy skills assessment!

Zoom or Skype sessions have worked tremendously well for our clients and are very easy to organise. Assistance setting up a Zoom account can be provided to clients STEP-BY-STEP by our 'in-house' staff.
We know that "Skill Slide" can occur if speech, language and literacy intervention is not timely or if sessions stop for an extended period. We aim to prevent this and help students to 'catch up' through delivering excellent speech, language and literacy intervention online, for children and students of all ages.

Please contact us to organise an online assessment and follow up sessions today!

Online therapy sessions using Zoom or Skype are also made easy at our clinic because we have a high speed NBN connection. Step-by-Step assistance is provided to clients who are not familiar with or nervous about technology! We will support all of our clients - old and new - throughout this challenging period to ensure best learning outcomes, as usual.